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News: Where are global funds investing in Argentina and Latam?

The good news, according to LAVCA is that"venture investment in Latin America has more than doubled (by dollars) every year from 2016 to 2019, tracing a steady growth trajectory". The bad news... "it will certainly be interrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 global health pandemic in ways foreseen and unforeseen".

Setting the situation created by COVID19 aside, it is worth mentioning what sectors have received more investment in #LatAm in 2019 by deal count were:

  • Fintech (22 %)

  • Biotech/Healthtech (9%)

  • Proptech (the "novelty"!) (7%)

  • SaaS (7%)

You can download the full report here (and we highly recommend it!)

And in Argentina? Well, the trend is not dissimilar to that happens in the region, with the same verticals leading the charts for both, amount invested and number of deals.
According to the Argentina Seed, Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (ARCAP), in 2019 the verticals with the highest number of transactions were:
Venture Capital:
  • Fintech (23.5%)

  • Biotech (17.7%)

  • Enterprise, Software & Services (17.7%)

Seed Capital:
  • Biotech (22%)

  • Enterprise, Software & Services (20.3%)

  • Commerce (15.3%)

  • Fintech (10.2%)

  • AgTech (8.5%).

As LAVCA says in their report, it has been a record year for fundraising and a record year for investment. ConnectARUK believes that the interest from global funds in the region shows that the ecosystem is growing steadily, with more investment ready startups offering scalable solutions and with a global vision.

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