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A new year, a new start: let us know about your 2020 tech projects

What are our entrepreneurs up to this year? Our tech community is busy planning, doing, working and not sleeping much!

According to the "Asociación Argentina de Capital Privado, Emprendedor y Semilla (ARCAP)", in Argentina, most investment in the last 3 years went to Fintech, Agtech, Healthtech, Biotech and IoT. This is not too dissimilar to what is going on in the UK: according to KPMG, most investments in 2019 went to fintech, biothech, healthtech and AI.

We would love to hear from you. If you have a minute, please let us know...

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Alan and his team are developing innovative VR/AR+ products & Digital Projects. They are experts in games, catalogues AR, custom AR/VR, branding AR and more!

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