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Spanning Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurs, investors,

government representatives, and mentors got together at WeWork to network and exchange ideas. We had two amazing panels with both Argentine and British speakers.

Our keynote, Diego Lerner, shared his experiences as EMEA EMEA of one of the most creative companies in the World, The Walt Disney Company. In his own words 'Creativity & innovation have to have one voice, it is the only way for companies to thrive'.

On the investors panel, Tomás Diaz Mathe (Northgate Capital), Gonzalo Costa (NXTP Labs) and Emilio Botin (Initial Capital) drew a parallel between the Argentine and British ecosystems and the audience had a unique chance of asking 'everything you ever wanted to know about a VCs vision' in a very relaxed atmosphere. Some entrepreneurs managed to get some great feedback to help them get ready for future pitching sessions! On the entrepreneurs' side, Tomi Pierucci (Bluesmart), Diego Meller (Jampp) and Jorge Hansen (Baxon Solutions) told us about their journeys with all its ups and downs... a real roller coaster! Andrew Humphries, The Bakery founder, and Global Entrepreneurship Programme dealmaker did a great job moderating both panels. It is always much more than moderating with Andrew, as he manages to create a rich and exciting dialogue between the panelists and the audience. Last but not least, Argentine Ambassador Carlos Sersale, a great supporter of ConnectARUK talked to entrepreneurs and investors and shared his international vision for entrepreneurship. If you want to join us at future events, please register here

'It’s about the people, not CVS it’s about effort & creativity” Diego Lerner, Disney “What makes an Entrepreneur great? Being able to listen, not afraid of admitting they don’t know, not afraid of change” Tomas Diaz Mathe, Northgate Capital

'Lots of companies are trying to be Global from day one. We invest in companies that think regionally' Gonzalo Costa, NXTP Labs @gonzalo_costa @NXTPLabs 'We invest in the team. Passion is more important than the idea.' Emilio Botin, Initial Capital

'The defying characteristic for an entrepreneur is persistence. Anything else you can somehow get it but being stubborn is key' Diego Meller, Jampp @diemel @jampp 'Is pivoting an entrepreneur’s biggest fear? The starting product & the final one are different. The loneliness of being the 1st is scary but you have to plow through' Jorge Hansen. Baxon Solutions @Paulabaxon

'Don’t be scared of pivoting. Just Keep in mind why you are doing it' Andrew Humphries, The Bakery London @TheBakeryLDN 'Crowdfunding is a great way of listening to the market' Tomi Pierucci, Bluesmart @tomipierucci @bluesmart

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