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Spanning, connecting, networking!

What do smart luggage, portfolio management software, toys (and films and water-parks!) have in common?

The first answer that comes to mind would be innovative minds thinking how to improve our lives, how to make the future happen right now. Anything else? You could argue that, without venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators willing to take some risks, those things have fewer chances of becoming a reality.

That is why we are looking forward to 25th October where talent & capital will get together to create some synergies.

We can't wait to hear what Diego Lerner, EMEA President at Disney has to say about creativity and talent in Argentina and the United Kingdom.

On the start-ups side, we have Bluesmart's CEO & Founder, Tomi Pieruci and Baxon Founder, Jorge Hansen. On the investors side, Gonzalo Costa, Founder at NXTP Labs; Tomás Diaz Mathe, Partner at Northgate Capital and Alvaro Alvarez, Principal at Initial Capital will give us an insight of capital investments on both sides of the Atlantic.

The cherry on the top? Andrew Humphries, Founder at the Bakery London and Dealmaker for the Global Entrepreneur's Programme (DIT) will be encouraging an interesting debate among our panellists! Andrew has hosted the Start-up Games Buenos Aires earlier this year so he has a lot to say about opportunities for entrepreneurship growth.

See you for some new ideas and networking drinks!

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