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Disrupting the way we travel

Tipped to be a unicorn in the near future, Bluesmart launched successfully in 2013.

The company has just released Bluesmart Series 2 and they intend to keep disrupting the way we travel. Name: Tomi Pierucci Title: Co-Founder & CEO Company: Bluesmart 1. Congratulations on the Bluesmart Series 2. On your way to where you are now, you got accelerated in Silicon Valley, opened your headquarters in New York and had a record-breaking crowdfunding. It sounds very exciting. Tell us a bit about this experience. We are really thankful for all the support we received from our backers around the world. Because of them, we exist and we will never forget this. The experience has been more than rich. We've learning every day more things per day than in one year at school! I feel really grateful for this experience and hope I can keep learning that much every day. We have accomplished great things, however, this is just the beginning and we know it's a long way. We are here for the long term. 2. Now you are opening an office in Buenos Aires. What prompted you to make that decision? Argentina has great talent and with the recent change of government, things are being finally serious and efficient. We believe Argentina is one of our secret weapons. 3. Argentina is not very well ranked in the Global Innovation Index. However, you are Argentine and your product is highly innovative. Are you an exception or are Argentines more innovative than the indexes show? I believe Argentines are really talented when it comes to creativity and innovation. The problem is not the people but inefficient laws, problems with imports/exports, too many disadvantages to face an open economy/world. I believe this will change with the new government and we will see many other cases like us. 5. A personal one: what do you enjoy most about your job?

Doing what I love every day. We came to this market to disrupt for ever and that's what we are doing. I also travel a lot and this is my biggest passion. Being surrounded by great people doing what you love with a common goal is really amazing.

5.What’s next for Bluesmart? To keep innovating, keep disrupting. This is just the beginning.

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