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Overheard at the London's Tech Investment Showcase

We went to the Tech London Advocates Investors Showcase. The lights went out onstage as the ones over our heads in the stalls started dimming till it became pitch dark. Hence, I could not make any notes on my old fashioned notepad… however, that did not prevent me from remembering what was being said by such interesting panelists.

Hot trends ...deep tech, deep tech, deep tech….

#AI, #VR, #AR, have been the magical words for some time but here are some numbers underpinning this statement. Circa £90 million invested in 2016, almost 20 times the £3 million invested in 2011.

Brexit is the question

As in many other forums we have visited, #Brexit seems to be the question these days. Most people point out at the importance of allowing free data flow and securing talent as the two main challenges. On the other hand, there seems to be a significant trust in London’s capacity for remaining a key tech city.

All in all, capital and talent abound… the London ecosystem seems healthy as ever. Watch this space for more news.

Tech London Advocates Investors Showcase took place at Here East and was organised by Tech London Advocates (TLA).

For further info www.techlondonadvocates.org.uk

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